"For us let it be enough to know ourselves to be in the place where God wants us, and carry on our work, even though it be no more than the work of an ant, infinitesimally small, and with unforeseeable results."
-- Abbé Monchanin

Monday, August 27, 2007

What is a man with no self-respect?

Why must the US government preserve its dignity and self-respect when it costs the loss of others dignity and self-respect? Our conduct in Iraq proves to be demeaning to the people whose nation we have destroyed and whose lives we have destroyed.

In the end, we need to recognize that our presence may have released Iraqis from the grip of a tyrant, but that it has also robbed them of their self-respect. They will soon realize that the best way to regain dignity is to call us what we are — an army of occupation — and force our withdrawal.
--The War as We Saw It
The New York Times Published: August 19, 2007

Buddhika Jayamaha is an Army specialist. Wesley D. Smith is a sergeant. Jeremy Roebuck is a sergeant. Omar Mora is a sergeant. Edward Sandmeier is a sergeant. Yance T. Gray is a staff sergeant. Jeremy A. Murphy is a staff sergeant.

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