"For us let it be enough to know ourselves to be in the place where God wants us, and carry on our work, even though it be no more than the work of an ant, infinitesimally small, and with unforeseeable results."
-- Abbé Monchanin

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Not Horrified Enough

I found this great quote on the blog On The Homefront.

"People have not been horrified by war to a sufficient extent ... War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige as the warrior does today."
--John F. Kennedy

Perhaps rather than complain that the news media shows too much horrific footage on the news, we should complain that they don't show enough of the true horror that people endure in a war situation. In an age of "horror" and "reality" TV and movies, violent video games, and other things that have sanitized violence and numbed much of society to it, we need the shock effect of facing the full impact of war.

We, who oppose war and violence, must do a better job of honouring those who sacrifice for the cause of peace. If warriors can receive Purple Hearts, Silver and Bronze Medals and other awards, why shouldn't peace mongers receive Broken Rifles, Broken Hearts and have them presented on TV news shows and at public ceremonies. Where are the monuments to war resisters and political dissidents. (It's ironic how we praised dissidents in the Soviet Union as true patriots, but condemn those who question our misguiding leaders as unpatriotic.)

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